Man arrested after allegedly shooting, stabbing stepdad in Gray Court

Joseph Edgar Akins
Joseph Edgar Akins
Joseph Edgar Akins
Joseph Edgar Akins

LAURENS CO., SC (WSPA) – A man has been arrested after allegedly shooting and stabbing his stepdad in Gray Court Monday afternoon, according to the Laurens Co. Sheriff’s Office.

Deputies say they got a call around 10 a.m. that a man had been possibly shot and cut.

SWAT went inside the home on Marler Rd., but the suspect, Joseph Edgar Akins, 27, was not there.

Akins has since been arrested, according to Judy Stiles.

Stiles says that he is being taken to the detention center at this time.

His bond hearing expected for 4:00 on Friday.

Akins was caught while his sister was at work. He let himself into the house but his sister’s son was sick at home.

Akins was taken into custody without incident.

Deputies say the stepdad was airlifted to Greenville Memorial.

Akins will be charged with attempted murder, according to the sheriff’s office.

A background check through the SC Law Enforcement Division show he has past criminal convictions:

· Criminal Domestic Violence 1st offense – 2006

· Possession of $2000 < $10,000 – 2015

· Violation of probabtion 3 counts – 2014

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