Clemson man wants to reuse student furniture for people in need

CLEMSON, S.C. (WSPA) – Every year a lot of money is spent furnishing the homes of upstate college students, but what happens to all the furniture when they’re done with school?

Hundreds of students move in and out of Clemson University each year and according to former student and father to a current student, Tal Slann, when they go, they leave a lot behind.

“It kind of looks like there was a hurricane or flood and everything got pushed to the streets. It is couches, televisions, chairs and all kinds of stuff and it ultimately all goes to a dump,” he explained. “It is a lot like cleanup after a game day, except it stuff. It is not trash.”

Slann is the owner of Slann Property Management, managing apartments that are widely used by students. He says he sees a lot of barely used or new household items in and around dumpsters at housing all around campus.

“My son’s in a duplex and the guy that lives next door furnished his whole place aside from bedding, just by driving around and getting stuff,” he said.

He finds furniture like couches, tables and even flat-screen televisions in really good condition.

“It has gotten to a point now where it is just truly shameful what is thrown away,” he said. “I mean there is too much need in the world.”

Monday night he is presenting an idea for a solution to the Clemson City council. He says he told his idea to Clemson Council member John Ducworth, who liked the idea and encouraged him to move forward.

He wants to get the city and University’s help to encourage students to donate the things they don’t need.

He’s asking the city to provide a dry space for students to drop reusable household items off for organizations to pick up and ultimately give to families and students who may not be able to afford the same furnishings.

He believes it could significantly cut down on the waste, all while helping those in need.

“That’s really what I would like to see is assistance to re-purpose the stuff instead of throwing it all away,” he said. “Students want to help. I think if it is slightly more difficult than putting on the street, they will help.”

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