Man killed after shooting at police in Rutherford Co. identified

RUTHERFORD CO. (WSPA) – A Rutherfordton man was shot and killed and a Rutherford County Deputy was shot while on a call Saturday morning according to Sheriff Chris Francis.

A release from the Rutherfordton Police Department says the shooting happened on Monfredo St. in the City of Rutherfordton after a call about a suicidal person with a gun just before 8 a.m.

Chief Kevin Lovelace with the Rutherfordton Police Department says the shooter went to a gas station a block from his house, and gave the clerk a package. The man told the clerk not to open it until after he left.

The Chief says the content in the envelope indicated the man was suicidal, and the clerk called 911. A

After they received the call, multiple agencies went to the man’s house on Monfredo Street.

Rutherfordton Police say William Joseph Ryan, 55, of Rutherfordton was shot and killed after firing at police.

Sheriff Francis says Detective Patrick Wiseman was shot in the leg and taken to a hospital for treatment. He is listed in stable condition with non-life-threatening injuries.

“It is absolutely terrifying to receive that call that sends a chill down your spine because you do know the officers involved,” said Chief Lovelace.

Francis says he visited Wiseman who will not need surgery and has no significant bone or artery damage but did suffer a minor arm injury.

A nearby neighbor says some of the gunfire Saturday hit his door. Wallace Ryan Morrow says a loud argument could be heard outside his Rutherfordton home just before.

A hole could be seen in his front door and the frame of his door that evening. There’s also a small hole inside of his home that investigators checked out.

“We heard a slam like if you dropped a wooden mop on a hardwood floor and she said what was that and I said I had no clue, that is when we walked down and saw those two bullet holes,” Morrow said. “I looked out the front door and I see to police officers running right by that swing set with their guns. Both of them have it.”

North Carolina Highway Patrol and the Spindale Police Department also assisted with this case.

This case has been turned over to the NC State Bureau of Investigation.

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