Would you know if your mobile banking app was hacked?

Hackers may have access to your mobile banking app without you even knowing. That’s because they now have the technology to overlay a fake screen when you open your banking app.

And then they grab all your login information.

Here’s what you need to do to protect your phone and your savings.

Alex Hy, a cell phone technician with StayMobile says the new malware is switching out your real banking app with a look-alike.

“Definitely one of the most sneaky malicious software I’ve ever seen,” said Hy.

He says it gets on your phone through links in texts, emails and even when you click on some online advertisements.

“It will bring up an overlay of what looks like your banking account, but instead it’s just their version for you to enter your information for them to receive,” said Hy.

Erika Stewart suspects a recent hack of her account may be related to her mobile app, so she wasn’t surprised by the news.

“It’s worrisome but I kind of expected it,” said Stewart.

Others have lost all confidence.

“I just want to uninstall the app now, I really do,” said Stephanie Campbell.

It’s a good idea to know what your banking app looks like so you can detect if anything’s off.  Also don’t use the same login and password that you use for other accounts.  And if you don’t have anti-virus and malware protection on your phone right now, it’s time to get it.

Leanne Thurmond put the anti-virus software Lookout on her phone just last week since she’s not about to give up the convenience of online banking.

“I know I have to be vigilant, but I’m not going to change what I do because some people are thieves,” said Thurmond.




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