NC Gov. on gas shortage: “We’re getting back to normal”

gas outage shortage pump generic

HENDERSONVILLE, N.C. (WSPA-TV) – There’s finally some good news for drivers feeling the sting of the recent gas shortage: it may soon be over because a fix is now in place.

A state of emergency remains in place for North Carolina and, Tuesday, South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley weighed in on her decision not to issue one.

They both are telling drivers to relax.

“If everyone rushes to the pump, as we saw in 2008, then we’ve just compounded our problem,” said North Carolina Governor, Pat McCrory, in a press conference, Tuesday.

“The panic that is coming in is not helping the situation because that is forcing them to sell gas at a faster pace than they would normally sell it,” Governor Haley told reporters, Tuesday morning.

With talking points that sound nearly identical, the Governors of the Carolinas tactfully asked drivers to pause before you pump.

“As the consumer gets the news that the pipe is fixed, hopefully some of those temptations will calm down,” said McCrory.

Tuesday, Colonial Pipeline announced gas should start flowing through the newly constructed bypass following the pipeline break earlier this month. It forced a shut down, effectively stopping gas flow to the East Coast.

North Carolina Governor, Pat McCrory issued a state of emergency, Saturday, in an effort to curb price gouging claims that have poured in by the hundreds.

Governor Haley hasn’t taken that step, saying Tuesday that her state is just not seeing the same issues.

“We are not seeing any price gouging at this point,” said Haley.

Still, drivers like 20-year-old Matthew Keener of Hendersonville, NC have noticed price increases across state lines.

“Pumping liquid gold,” said Keener.

7 News tracked about 30 cents on average in both North and South Carolina since the gas spill was discovered, according to records from

“It’s been rough trying to get a hold of it,” Keener said.

Haley said that is pretty normal.

“Because of this bypass, transportation has to come in a different way, so you will see up to a 30 cent increase in prices,” said Haley.

Fortunately, the outlook is a now little more optimistic with the pipeline fixed.

“It looks like we will be back to normal in the next 2 or 3 days,” said McCrory.

Colonial Pipeline has spent the day testing the line making sure the new pipe works.

7 News talked to several gas stations on the border between states, Tuesday. They said they’ve been busy and they’ve run out of gas a few times, but a truck is usually right around the corner.

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