Spartanburg to create kid-friendly laundry rooms

Laundromat Renovations
A new fund will help create more kid-friendly laundry rooms at housing complexes in Spartanburg

SPARTANBURG (WSPA) -Laundry is a universal chore, especially for parents.

Thanks to a new fund, some laundry rooms in Spartanburg housing complexes are getting a child-friendly makeover.

Imagine having kids with you, and trying to keep them entertained while you work to get your chore done. Many parents have to bring toys or other games for their kids to play, and that still isn’t enough sometimes.

Thanks to a grant from the Ka-Boom Play Everywhere Challenge, Victoria Gardens and Camp Croft Courts residents won’t have to worry about bringing toys to the laundry room again.

The $2,000 fund is going to be split between the two housing complexes, to transform the laundry rooms into a place where kids won’t mind spending time while mom and dad wash and dry their clothes.

This means adding toys and other educational activities to keep kids engaged and entertained while the spin cycle is going.

The hope is to have the renovations in place before the end of the year, so the weekly trip to the laundry room is no longer a family chore.

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