Greenville Co. K-9 teams teaching handlers from across US

3rd annual Tactical Deployment K-9 Workshop underway

k-9 generic dog

TAYLORS, S.C (WSPA-TV) – The Greenville County Sheriff’s Office k-9 program has quickly become a nationwide beacon for training. This week they’ve welcomed 68 officers from 12 different states to learn the ropes.

It’s part of the 3rd annual, Greenville County Tactical Deployment k-9 workshop. From firearms to situational training, handlers say this is college for their k-9 partners and taking their skills up a notch.

It’s important, too, when the dogs are usually the first ones on the front lines according to trainer and Greenville County k-9 Sergeant, Doug Wannemaker.

“We want high quality training for those police dogs so when they are on the street, they’ve experienced it already,” he said.

Teams came from as far away as Maine for the workshop, which has grown larger for the last three years. Even crews from the Air Force showed up to learn how civilian k-9 training can improve what they do in the military.

“[That is] a good feather in our hat,” said Wannemaker.

Wannemaker said this training gives teams a unique skill set they can bring back to teach at home.

At uncertain scenes, the dogs are their constant, so they need to be ready for anything. He said this makes sure they are.

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