Man volunteering to help clean up mess from Charlotte protests


CHARLOTTE, NC (WSPA) – People are starting to clean up the damage from the violent riots last night’s riot.

Rioters took advantage of the unrest in Charlotte.

Business owners woke up to shattered glass and busted windows.

“All I need to know is what you need me to do,” said Duvale Murchison.

He has been volunteering to help people he doesn’t know to help clean up.

“This family had nothing to do with this and now they’re out of business for who knows how long,” said Murchison. “This right here. This vandalism you see is so uncalled for. It’s just a bunch of kids who wanted to be caught up in the moment and be vandals. It’s the stupidest thing.”

After witnessing a night like this he is ready to roll up his sleeves and get to work.

“I really feel bad for you guys, I do. My time is yours all day long. The ultimate hope is that people understand that there’s a better answer than this.Violence is not it. If you want to see change, look inside yourself and be the change you want to see.”

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