16 year old Piano Protege To Perform at Flat Rock Playhouse



Christopher Tavernier is a 16-year-old piano protégé, from Hendersonville, NC, who plays at the professional level of concert pianists. He has recently played at sold out performances at Chapman Cultural Center and Diana Wortham Theatre in Asheville. He is a classical pianist, who is a direct student descendent of Franz Liszt. On Sunday, Sept. 25, he will be playing at the Flat Rock Playhouse Downtown Theater in Hendersonville, starting at 2 p.m. The concert – “A Rich Blend of the Greatest Piano Classics” – will include well known and extravagant piano solos from each of the major musical periods, including Baroque, Classical, Romantic, Impressionism, Avant-garde, and Modernism. The composers include J.S. Bach, Sergei Prokofiev, Ludwig van Beethoven, Fredrick Chopin, Claude Debussy, and Franz Liszt. Tavernier is being compared to Liszt in his style and technique.

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