GNC – Foundations for a Healthy Lifestyle

Britton Briley from GNC talks about the key essentials to keep your body as healthy as it will ever get!

Foundations for a Healthy Lifestyle

GNC is your health solution from providing customer service, quality, and price!

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Less than 10% of Americans get the key nutrients their bodies require from diet alone
The Basics:
1.) Get enough sleep (7 Hours at least a night)
2.) Exercise 30 minutes a day
3.) Eight 8oz of water per day
4.) Maintain a healthy diet

Even with all of that around 90% of us have gaps in our diet
To help fill in those gaps you need to build a Healthy Foundation:
When you think of all that comes in a multivitamin that means you’d have to take in over 175 different individual supplements per week vs 1 daily multivitamin.
You’d have to eat 4-6 meals per week to get the amount of DHA and EPA your body needs to help vital systems like Cardiovascular, Brain, Joint, Eye, and Skin Health
It would take 22 servings of yogurt to equal probiotics with 25 billion live and active clutures. ProBiotics are vital for Immune Health, Digestive Health, Weight Management, and Brain Health.
How much protein in the morning should you consume to help support lean muscle and metabolism? 30 grams! If you start off your morning with a bowl of cereal with milk your only getting about 7-10 grams of protein.
Despite what people say Protein is an absolute essential for life. (Cell repair) (Chicken, Beef, Tilapia, Tuna, ECT)

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