The place to buy a lottery ticket may be Anderson


COLUMBIA, SC – Anderson may be a great place to buy a lottery ticket, right now.

The lottery commission says 3 convenience stores have sold top prize winning tickets worth $250,000.

The winning locations are:

One Stop Food Mart on Jackson St.

Stop-A-Minit #20 on the Hwy. 28 Bypass

QuikTrip #1106 on Liberty Hwy.

They say Friday’s winner bought a Royal Cash ticket at the One Stop Food Mart and deposited his $250,000 prize into a college fund for his two sons.

“Their education comes first,” he said. “Maybe I’ll take a vacation.”

They say the man took the day off to enjoy his win on a Cash Reserve scratch-off. He bought the winning ticket at the Stop-A-Minit #20 on his way to work.

This morning’s winner is going in late to work. He says the fish weren’t biting on the lake last night, but he hooked a $250,000 win on his way home at the QuikTrip #1106.

“I caught three fish,” he said. “Then my life changed while I was pumping gas.”

He cashed in a $250,000 win on Franklin’s Fortune.

For selling the claimed tickets, each Anderson store received a commission of $2,500.

There are still $250,000 prizes remaining in these $10 games.

The lottery commission says four top prizes remain in the Royal Cash game at odds of 1 in 660,000.

Cash Reserve has one top prize left and Franklin’s Fortune has three prizes remaining, both at odds of 1 in 696,000.

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