Where are Your Manner? With Terri Block

Laurens County Junior Cotillion

Teaching manners and etiquette to kids with fun, interactive games,skits and role-playing.

Laurens County Junior Cotillion will meet at the Laurens County Country Club from October through April, once a month for classes.

Laurens County Junior Cotillion MIssion Statement: To act and learn to treat others with honor, dignity and respect for better relationships with family, friends and associates and to learn and practice ballroom dance.

The Cotillion Program:
Year One/Season One: “The Beginning Season” Basic Standards in Life
Year 2/Season 2: “The Dining Season” 5-Course Instructional Meal
Year 3/Season 3: “The Polishing Season” Life Applications with Fieldtrips

Laurens County Junior Cotillion is a NEW chapter in the Upstate for children 5th through 8th grades. Cotillion provides character education and builds self-esteem and confidence in social settings.

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