Burglary suspects tried selling stolen firefighter gear says chief

BLACKSBURG, S.C. (WSPA) – We have an update to a story we first brought you on Tuesday about thousands of dollars’ worth of equipment stolen from volunteer firemen.

It happened in Blacksburg last week when suspects were seen on surveillance taking rescue rope and a medical bag from the Antioch fire department in Blacksburg.

Chief Lucas McDaniel tells us the suspects have been caught.

He says one of them tried selling the medical bag to firemen in Spartanburg.

After seeing the story on 7 News, that chief reported it to authorities.

“He contacted the sheriff’s office. And they told him to call and attempt to buy the bag from the individual, and when they met up the police were there to arrest him,” said Chief McDaniel. “I was ecstatic to know that justice is going to be served and they’re going to have to face the time for what they did.”

Chief McDaniel says two of the suspects are adults and one is a minor. He adds they’re not sure if they’ll get the equipment back, but their insurance should cover the costs of replacements.

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