Communities rally around Townville

Pray for Jacob billboard

From schools to local businesses, everyone is doing their part to help out after the Townville tragedy.

Across the Upstate, there are billboards that say “Praying for Townville.” The football field at West Oak High School is painted with “Townville Strong” for Friday night’s game with Pendleton.

Under the Carolina Moon in Easley is making special t-shirts, with the proceeds going to the Townville community. They’re also making shirts to give to the students and staff at Townville Elementary.

The Hyco K-9 Fund raised money to give each child at the school their own toy K-9. Amy Hammond and Lisa Marie Carter say when they heard the news, they wanted to do something to help. When the Anderson County Sheriff’s Office K-9 was killed last year, at the memorial service Deputy Brandon Surratt’s children held tightly to toy dogs.

“They carried them in to the service, and I thought, that must’ve helped them a lot,” said Carter. “That’s how this was all born to give them a little K-9 to help them through the terrible times.”

After posting on Facebook, the need was met immediately.

“When you see how many people come together for something like this in our small town it really makes you feel better, gives you a little hope,” said Carter of the incredible response.

“When something does happen, these people pull together and we all are one,” said Hammond. “We’re in awe. We’re speechless. We are just in awe of the entire country’s response.”

West Oak HS football field
West Oak HS football field
Under the Carolina Moon t-shirts
Under the Carolina Moon t-shirts
Toy K-9's for Townville students
Toy K-9’s for Townville students
Pray for Jacob billboard
Pray for Jacob billboard



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