Former Mauldin sergeant charged with assault and battery

A former sergeant is being charged with assault and battery.

GREENVILLE COUNTY, SC (WSPA) – Former Mauldin police sergeant Jason Peterson turned himself in to the Greenville County Detention Center Thursday morning.

Peterson is a 20 year law enforcement veteran and a PTA vice president, but now, he’s facing a first degree assault and battery charge.

“A charge like this…That can affect your voting rights, your right to having a gun, obviously it will affect your employment and will affect the way people perceive him in the community,” Peterson’s attorney, Ryan Beasley said.

Peterson’s ex-girlfriend filed a complaint against him.

Beasley says the allegations aren’t true and says Peterson was the one put in danger.

“He broke up with this girl months ago,” Beasley said. “She shows up at his house, barges in his house, completely wrecks it, and he was just trying to get her out.”

The Mauldin police chief says as soon as he learned about the situation he turned it over to the Greenville County Sheriff’s Office for them to investigate.

He says the incident happened while Peterson was off-duty and out of Mauldin city limits.

The chief suspended Peterson with pay on August 24th.  He said he would have only investigated Peterson to see if he violated any department policies. But, he said the process never got that far because Peterson resigned Tuesday.

Peterson had been with the Mauldin Police Department for at least the last nine years.

“[He] Has an impeccable reputation with law enforcement and his community,” Beasley said.

That’s why his lawyer calls the charge absurd.

“It’s a drastic measure by a scorned ex-girlfriend that’s going to ruin his life,” Beasley said.

He says they will be pushing for the charge to be dropped at their next court date.

Peterson is currently out on an $8000 recognizance bond.

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