Southern Conference Keeps Championships In NC For This Year

Southern Conference

SPARTANBURG, S.C. – The Southern Conference announced that it will honor its 2016-17 commitments to championships scheduled in the state of North Carolina. These include men’s soccer in Greensboro, men’s and women’s basketball in Asheville, and men’s golf in Pinehurst.


The presidents and chancellors, on behalf of their institutions and the conference, reaffirmed their resolute opposition to legislation that discriminates against any individual and agreed to monitor developments and assess the question of future championships in North Carolina in the spring.


“This has been a thoughtful, respectful process by all parties in response to a complicated issue,” said Southern Conference Commissioner John Iamarino. “Honoring our commitments for this academic year does not punish the local host communities and gives our student-athletes the best championship experience we can provide.


“All three playing venues will be privately controlled by the hosts, thereby giving us a high level of confidence that a safe, inclusive environment will be present. We believe any actions taken by this membership should reflect our respect for all people.”


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