Balloons fly over Townville as community and Jacob Hall’s family heals

TOWNVILLE, S.C. (WSPA) – Townville came together Sunday night to honor the victims of last week’s shooting and to help their community heal. A community service was held at Oakdale Baptist Church, where they’re using faith to press forward in the face of tragedy.

Jacob Hall’s family, now grieving the loss of their son Saturday, was at the event. The group reflected on the horror that struck the small town Wednesday and the good that they saw shining brighter.

“I’m glad to see that our community came together. This is overwhelming, I can’t even, words do not express how I feel right now,” Renae Hall, Jacob’s mom said. “I feel Jacob with me. I feel this whole community with me. I never could have imagined that they love one little boy from such a small Town, so much. “

Community leaders said during the service that in their greatest time of need, people from all over found ways to show an abundance of love and support for their town.

“We were terribly worried. Broken hearted and feeling weak as many of you were, to our core. But this statement of strength reigned through at that time. Townville, yes but strong? Yes,” Denise Fredericks, the Townville Elementary School Principal said.

“Why it came out the way it did, only God knows that plan. It is hard for us to understand it sometimes but we are going to get through it and get through it together,” Anderson County Sheriff John Skipper explained. “I am proud of every citizen in this every citizen in this county and especially the school district. “

After the service, hundreds of balloons were sent soaring into the skies over Townville. Most of them were white, but some were green, specially honoring 6-year-old Jacob Hall’s life lost the day before.

“There was one dark balloon like lingering, behind and that was my Jacob. Jacob was like hey you guys. Thanks for loving me,” his mom said.

They’re all keeping their happiest memories of Jacob close to their hearts. They remembered his 6 years of life ended too soon.

Principal Fredericks let his family know, he would live on at school and in the community.

“I will never think of the word joy with out thinking of Jacob,” she said. “I will never think of Jacob without thinking of joy.”

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