Greenville Co. Schools open, no buses running Wednesday

Greenville County schools will be open on Wednesday October 5th, but no buses will run.

Greenville County will be sending 280 buses to assist with evacuations in Charleston. GCS is also sending drivers for those buses.

The buses will finish their routes on Tuesday, fuel up, and then leave Wednesday morning for the Low country.

Greenville County has 27,000 bus riders. If those students can not find alternate transportation, their absence will be excused. All other students not marked as bus riders that do not attend, will be marked as absent.

All field trips are also canceled for Wednesday.

The first evacuees from will arrive in Greenville and will be housed in the TD Convention Center and various churches. Several Greenville County schools have been designated as alternate shelters and will be used as necessary

The district is still determining whether they can transport students to career centers and the fine arts center.  If high schools are unable to provide transportation, students will be held at their regular school.  Students who have permission to drive can continue to drive themselves.


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