Police release more video from Keith Scott shooting in Charlotte

Keith Scott Shooting Charlotte Video Still

WARNING: Extremely graphic video.
CHARLOTTE, N.C. (AP) – A bodycam video capturing the moments before and after the fatal shooting of a black man by a North Carolina police officer shows fellow officers treating the man’s gunshot wounds and encouraging him to “stay with us,” while another officer tells his colleague to “stay right here with the gun.”

The graphic, 16-minute video released by Charlotte-Mecklenburg police Tuesday is the latest to show the aftermath of the shooting of Keith Lamont Scott on Sept. 20. The video shows Scott standing outside his sport utility vehicle before he was shot. Afterward, it shows officers treating his wounds, pointing them out and checking Scott’s pulse.

Scott can be heard moaning as officers repeatedly asked him his name.

Police have maintained that Scott had a gun, while family members have said he wasn’t armed when he was shot at his townhouse complex. The new video doesn’t offer a clear view of whether Scott had a gun.

An attorney representing the family says the latest video footage released by the police department sheds no new light on whether the man was carrying a gun.

Justin Bamberg told a news conference Tuesday that questions remain over whether Keith Lamont Scott was armed when an officer shot and killed him Sept. 20 at his townhouse complex in north Charlotte.

Charles Monett, another attorney for the family, said police have been asked to release an inventory of the items seized from the shooting scene, but he said they have so far refused.

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