HURRICANE WARNING for coastal SC as Matthew approaches

(WSPA) – A Hurricane Warning has been issued for the South Carolina coast from the Georgia state line to near McClellanville, SC. Tropical storm warnings have been issued for the rest of the SC coast.

Hurricane force wind gusts, flooding rain, and significant storm surge is possible.

The worst of the storm is expected to be Friday night through Saturday. Rain showers and breezy conditions can be expected for the western Carolinas.

Matthew is a Major Hurricane and continues to grow in strength as it approaches the east coast of south Florida.

Storm strength and intensity have reached Category 4 status with winds in excess of 140 mph. Devastating flooding will occur along the east coast and central regions of Florida as Matthew interacts with the state overnight and into the day on Friday.

Matthew is expected to maintain major hurricane status up the east coast of Florida and towards the coasts of Georgia and South Carolina on Saturday.

The east coast of Florida, the low-country of Georgia and South Carolina are all in the potential impact zones as Matthew moves along the coasts of these states.

High wind, heavy rain and storm surge are all possible. More than ten inches of rain could fall from the Midlands down to the low-country of SC.

Now is the time to prepare. Have an emergency preparedness kit ready before the storm hits. The exact track of Matthew will determine if, or where landfall could take place.

Stay with Storm Team 7 for the latest forecast on Matthew and how it will impact you.


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