Judge orders Greenville Co. to allow student voter registration

GREENVILLE, SC (WSPA) – A judge has issued an order for Greenville County to temporarily stop requiring on-campus college students to fill out a questionnaire in order to be registered as a voter in the county.

The ruling comes down after three Furman University students – Katherine West, Benjamin Longnecker, and Sulaiman Ahmad – sued the Greenville County Board of Voter Registration and Elections when they attempted to register to vote and instead of being registered were required to fill out a questionnaire to determine if the student is a serious resident of the area.

“The board is unabashedly discriminating against students – residents of this county – who identify their address as on campus housing,” said the student’s attorney, Steve Buckingham.

The state election commission agreed with the students’ claims.

“Students cannot be held to a higher standard of residency than any other applicant. That’s what we have instructed all of our county boards, including Greenville County to do,” said Kristina Catoe, attorney for the South Carolina Election Commission.

The mail-in voter registration deadline has been moved to Tuesday, October 11 due to Hurricane Matthew.

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