Displaced couple gets married at alma mater after Hurricane Matthew

COLUMBUS, Ga. (WRBL)  – It’s hard to picture the millions of lives that have been impacted by Hurricane Matthew, but imagine you’re engaged to be married this weekend and last minute you have to move everything from Savannah to Columbus.

Everything changed in an instant when Mayumi Lewis found out her wedding had been cancelled in Savannah because of Hurricane Matthew.

Lewis said, “I had no thoughts just all panic. I was flustered, I was sad, emotional and it was hard to know that something you planned for, for over a year got wiped away in a matter of minutes.”

With planning washed away, the “Dream Team” stepped into help.

Wedding Planner Annette Ernest says the group of skilled professionals creates the ultimate weddings.

“We’re coordinators, directors, florists, travel agents, Venues, Cake, Limos, dresses, video photographers. Everything you need for a wedding the dream team has it,” said Ernest.

Kareem Moore, the Media Coordinator from the “Dream Team” says they did everything in their power to make sure the bride and groom had a fantasy wedding.

Moore said, “It only is going to happen once and regardless of what’s going on or what happened you want her to remember this day.”

Tanesha Colbert, Makeup and Hair Coordinator, sees a bright future for the bride and groom.

Colbert said, “You survived Hurricane Matthew, you can survive anything. I wish you many years of blessings.”

Hurricane Matthew wasn’t the end, but the beginning to a lifetime of love.

The wedding took place at the Cunningham Center at Columbus State University, which is where the couple met six years ago.

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