Trump supporters ‘hopeful’ after Pence campaign stop in WNC

FLETCHER, NC (WSPA) – People filled the Western North Carolina Agricultural Center Monday to hear what Governor Mike Pence had to say 28 days before Election Day. We’re told due to the crowd that showed up to the venue, some people were turned away.

The Republican vice presidential candidate is standing firm with running mate, Donald Trump.

“He is a fighter. He is a winner,” Pence said. “He is going to be elected as the 45th president of the United States,”

mike-pence-rallyThe Indiana governor spoke to a packed room of supporters where he addressed the comments Trump was caught saying on tape back in 2005.

Trump Caught on Video Making Lewd, Crude Remarks About Women

“I don’t condone what was said,” said Pence. “But I believe in grace, I believe in forgiveness.

It’s the same mentality of people supporting the trump-pence ticket.

“I don’t agree with what he said either,” said Denise Gravely. “But I agree with what Mike Pence said that he believes in forgiveness.”

They say this forgiveness comes after a successful night on the debate stage.

“He usually runs his mouth, makes comments, gets on fire and I feel he was really self-controlled,” said Gravely.

Now Pence says it’s about addressing issues like the economy, Supreme Court, and rebuilding the military. It’s an especially important issue for veteran Andrew Penley.

“I feel like he was very respectful of the military,” said Penley. “I was excited to see the motivation in the crowd.”

After a whirlwind of a weekend Trump supporters say they’re optimistic.

“I’m just really encouraged. I feel like there’s hope,” said Gravely.

Governor Pence will be back in North Carolina on Wednesday for a campaign stop in Raleigh. Donald Trump will be rallying in Charlotte on Friday.

Find details on upcoming Trump-Pence on the campaign’s website. 

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