Gov. McCrory to give update on effects of Hurricane Matthew

Photo Courtesy of WNCN

North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory held a press conference at 9 a.m. Monday to update the public on what the current status is for the state after Hurricane Matthew.

Governor McCrory expressed concerns about public safety in the wake of Hurricane Matthew: “Blue skies have returned to North Carolina, but dangerous conditions remain. As we have learned from previous hurricanes, the aftermath of the storm is often the deadliest. People who live near rivers, streams, and levees must take extreme caution as the greatest threat to human life is rivers flooding in the coming days. Listen to your local officials and take all evacuation orders seriously.”

Floodwaters quickly overtook part of Lumberton, NC overnight, leaving nearly 1,500 residents without shelter. Helicopters, boats and swift water rescue teams including FEMA and out-of-state rescuers were sent out to bring those stranded residents to safety.

The Federal Aviation Administration has issued a temporary flight restriction for the airspace over Lumberton to give more room for rescue operations. This restriction includes drone usage as well.

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