Dept. of Natural Resources on patrol in SC to discourage looting

SC DNR launching boat in Waccamaw River in Conway for patrols. (Credit: WBTW)

CONWAY, SC (WBTW) – The Waccamaw River is already at major flood stage and the river will continue to rise.

It’s expected to crest at more than 16 feet which is as high or higher than last October’s flood level.

Many residents have evacuated as the water rises, but many others are riding out the flood in their homes.

DNR has been traveling the Waccamaw River on boats to make sure people living there and decided not to evacuate stay safe.

DNR officials are also on patrol to give those who did leave their homes some peace of mind.

They’ve been heading out on boats to check on homes in the area day and night.

Officials say they want to discourage anyone who may try to take advantage of the flood for ill-gotten gains.

“Making sure nobody is coming in and making sure nobody is looting their house. We want these folks who are not there to rest assure that somebody is there watching their stuff,” said Sgt. Nate Hutson with DNR.

Hutson also warned any would-be theives that the people who live along the Waccamaw are a tight knit group.

“They look after one another, so those places are the last places I would loot, cause your going to be faced with, your going to face the lord or something if you go up in there. I promise you, not just us ,” said Hutson.

Wayne Cooper lives on the Waccamaw and decided not to evacuated.

“Our area pretty well polices itself, my neighbors and myself pretty much who belongs and who doesn’t,” said Cooper.

DNR officials say they will continue to patrol neighborhoods along the Waccamaw until the flood waters recede.

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