Fire Prevention Week underway in Spartanburg CO

Firefighters in Spartanburg County want to remind you this week to look at ways you can prevent a fire in your home.

Oct 9-15 is Fire Prevention Week nationwide. The Cherokee Springs and Boiling Springs fire departments teamed up to talk about prevention and what you need to do as the temperature cools outside and fires happen more often.

Firefighters train on the latest equipment at the Mt. View fire sub station this week. They take our cameras inside the room where they’ve started a fire with hay and a couch.

This simulation shows what happens in a house fire, how fast the flames start and how hot everything becomes.

“It’s less than a minute you’re talking extreme heat, the smoke is the killer,” said Captain John Alley.

The Office of the State Fire Marshal said residential fires are most often caused by smoking, electrical problems, heating and cooking.

As part of Fire Prevention Week, Cherokee Springs Chief Trent Harper said a seasonal home inspection can avoid danger, daily.
Harper sees cigarettes left on furniture and embers killing smokers that fall asleep. Harper said more people need to use cold water to ditch the butts because a fire could burn on a couch for hours before family members know anything is wrong.

When lint isn’t emptied from the dryer, a small short or a metal object can cause a and homeowners need to keep a three foot clearance around space heaters too.

Harper recommends getting your fireplace inspected yearly and clean the dust off of heat vents.

Harper said grilling out is becoming a big reason for why your home may go up in flames.
Heat, right up against vinyl siding ignites material underneath.

Firefighters said smoke detectors can save lives.

This year the Red Cross gave local fire departments 50,000 smoke detectors to install in homes. Thanks to a grant, they’re free and firefighters will come install them correctly.

Call your local department to get a smoke detector.

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