October 2016 Caring for the Carolinas Award Winner

Well, hi, Jack Roper here in Ninety-Six at what was Edgewood School, now Edgewood Community Center.

When our new middle school was built, this building was left Vacant for so long, and then Mr. Hamphill came in and was able to turn this school into a wonderful resource for the children of this community.

Well, we started off this summer at the beginning with a flag football program, you know to give the kids something to do during the summer. A lot of them were just sitting around doing nothing, so we started a flag football program, they enjoyed it, played a couple of teams, Capital Falls, McCormick, a couple of Greenwood Teams, we played each other when we didn’t have nobody to play.

Well, in addition to the award, our winner every month gets a free Thickburger every week for a year from Hardee’s.

My child attends the after school program right now, that James Hamphill had started. First of all I want to commend James for doing this. And after the summer program, he reached out to me and I know a couple of people, and we got some other people together, so we’re trying to form another organization to start this and build this, because we need help from the community. We’re trying to put “neighbors” in our “hood.”

We have sponsors, Bath Fitter and Hardees, but you are our community center leader for the month of October, in fact you have won our Caring for the Carolinas award. I hope you have a mantelpiece, ‘cause that’s where it belongs. James Hamphill. A nice hand.

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