Reports of “duck-napping” at park in Anderson

ANDERSON, S.C. (Independent Mail/WSPA) – There have been reports of “duck-napping” at Chris Taylor Memorial Park, according to the Anderson Police Department.

Marie Shiflet was at the park with her young children when she witnessed a case of duck-napping, Independent Mail reports.

“I saw these guys just walk up to the pond and take some of the baby ducks and put them in their vehicles,” she said. “I couldn’t believe it. My 1-year-old son, Carson, he loves the ducks. That’s why we go. Who wants to steal baby ducks?”

Shiflet said she thinks at least 3 ducks were stolen from the pond.

“As soon as one person took a duck, other people were trying to take them, too,” Shiftlet said. “And I was like: ‘What is this, National Take A Duck Day?'”

Shiflet was able to give officers the license plate numbers of 2 cars that were involved in the theft, Independent Mail reports.

They say officers with the Anderson Police Department were able to track down one of the ducklings on Monday.

The baby duck was found in a bathtub at an Anderson apartment complex, Independent Mail says.

“We understand that a little girl who is about 5 years old told her daddy that she thought the duck was sick and she wanted to take it home,” Lt. Mike Aikens said.

The duck was removed from the tub and reunited with its mother at the park, Aikens said.

“She was happy to see it, came right up and got it back,” he said.

Officers believe that a 16-year-old boy may have also taken some of the ducks, Independent Mail reports.

According to an incident report, the theft is considered larceny and police valued the ducks at $100 each.

“These two families don’t know each other,” Aikens said. “We have spoken to the boy’s parents and we hope to find some more of the ducks in the next few days.”

Glenn Brill, who helps oversee the park, sees the humor in the incident but also isn’t taking it lightly.

“Those ducks are there for everyone to enjoy,” he said. “They aren’t toys. They live there and we want them to stay there.”

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