State Officials Blast Claims Of Rigged Election

State officials are dismissing claims the general election will be rigged in favor of Democratic Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton.

That assertion came from Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump in the wake of national and state polls which show Clinton leading by wide margins after the debates.

Greenville County Director of Election Conway Belangia tells 7 News the voting system used in South Carolina is a stand-alone entity that isn’t hooked up to any outside phone or computer lines. That makes it virtually impossible to tamper with election results, Belangia says.

A political science professor also points out that elections are certified by the state.

“You would have to have cooperation across states controlled by different political parties and localities to create a coordinated effort that would move the needle on that,” said Trevor Rubenzer, political science professor with USC-Upstate. “And that’s very unlikely.”

The State Election Commission in Columbia said it had a “broad-based” security system in place to percent a home from tampering with election results.

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