Family of slain Anderson County man asks Council for help

ANDERSON COUNTY, SC (WSPA) – A family is still searching for answers nearly three months after a man was shot and killed on his own property in Iva.

The Anderson County Sheriff’s office has made no arrests in the case, so on Tuesday evening, the family asked County Council for help with the case.

One by one family members approached Anderson County Council, holding back tears while demanding justice for their loved one.

“This was an injustice, and I need people to see this was an injustice because they know who killed my brother,” Charles Mackey’s sister, Mary Simpson said.

Charles Mackey was shot on his property in Iva at the end of July.

Family members say he had been feuding with neighbors over an affair with a spouse.

They say neighbors are responsible for his death and say it was done out of hate.

“If my black brother shot his white neighbor, we’d be figuring out how to get him out of jail, but a white man kills my brother, and he’s running free,” Simpson said.

Family members say they don’t understand how even after hearing witness statements no arrests have been made.

“We can’t have people executing others and not being held accountable,” community activist, Traci Fant said. “This is all about accountability.”

Fant says that’s a main reason why they’re asking for council’s help.

“We vote these people in, they’re elected by us, they work for the people, so let’s put that into practice,” Fant said. “The people need council to work for them.”

The Anderson County Council Chairman, Tommy Dunn, says he’s already working on getting the family answers.

“I can reach out to some of my contacts in the Sheriff’s Office that I’ve made over the years,” Dunn said. “Communication is key.”


The Anderson County Sheriff’s Office says they are waiting to get lab results back from the State Law Enforcement Division, and depending on those results, they will then talk with the solicitor’s office. However, there is no timeline for when the results could come back.


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