Two students found near park after walking off elementary school in Laurens Co.

E.B. Morse Elementary School

LAURENS, S.C. (WSPA) – Two E.B. Morse Elementary school students walked off the campus, and were not found for almost an hour. Police picked up the students near Laurens City Park. Now school district officials are investigating.

An incident report from the Laurens Police Department shows the assistant principal told police two students were not in their classroom. It states another officer found the two girls in an area near Laurens City Park.

District 55 Superintendent Dr. Stephen Peters said the students were last seen on the school playground at 1:36 p.m. and were picked up by police at 2:20 p.m. Dr. Peters said the students approached a random person out on the street and asked for water, and that person called police. The incident report shows the students saying they went out a side door after telling their teacher they were going to another location inside the building.

It surprised E.B. Morse Elementary parent Lisa Garrett, who said her children love the school and its teachers.

“I was shocked,” said Garrett. “For this to happen, you think about a honest mistake. But with people’s kids, you can’t let that happen.”

“They stepped off campus — and that’s very dangerous in this day and time,” Laurens County School District 55 Superintendent Stephen Peters said in a statement to 7 News. “Safety and security is very important to us, and incidents like this scare me.”

“What really concerns me about it is considering that it happened, what they can do to prevent it from happening again,” said Garrett.

Dr. Stephen Peters tells us he is personally heading the district’s investigation.  “If I find that action needs to be taken against staff, I will not hesitate to take it,” he said.

According to the incident report, the guardians of both students were contacted about the incident.



(WSPA)—EB Morse Elementary School students were headed inside from recess when two students went missing.

According to Superintendent Dr. Stevens Peters, the students approached a random person out on the street and asked for water. The person called police and returned the kids to school, Dr. Peters says.

The students were missing for over 30 minutes, the superintendent says.

The school district is continuing its investigation into how the students got out and how the school responded.

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