VP nominee Tim Kaine campaigns in Asheville

Tim Kaine in UNC Asheville

ASHEVILLE, NC (WSPA) – Hours before the final Presidential debate, Democratic Vice Presidential nominee Tim Kaine spent his time campaigning in North Carolina.

He held an early voting rally at the University of North Carolina – Asheville Wednesday afternoon.

Around 750 people showed up to hear the former Virginia Governor speak.

Many students say they are planning to vote early.

“I think he did a really good job talking policies and not so much Hillary or Donald Trump’s character,” says UNC-Asheville student Liz Torres.

The candidate touched on issues like equality, education, and even finding relief for Hurricane Matthew victims.

Most people in the crowd say they know exactly who they’re voting for, but a lot of students on campus say they’re either undecided or voting third party.

“North Carolina’s a swing state, so it’s very likely I’ll just vote against Trump,” says student Josh Sykes. “I may vote for Jill Stein, the Green Party candidate.”

Makenzee Giger told us before the rally that she was undecided between Stein and Clinton and was using the speech to help her choose.

“It’s very important to hear it come from his own words,” says Giger.

She says Kaine’s words made this first time voter eager to cast her ballot for his ticket.

“I’m a very stubborn person,” says Giger, “I’m either one way or the other but it really changed me.”

UNC-Asheville will have a place for people to vote early on campus. Most of the students we spoke to say they’ll do it simply for the convenience.

Kaine will continue campaigning in Charlotte Thursday.

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