More tips needed in missing couple’s case, say Anderson Police

ANDERSON, S.C. (WSPA) – The case of a missing Anderson couple is getting stranger. Unusual social media posts have people nationwide wondering where Kala Brown and Charlie Carver could be. They disappeared nearly two months ago.

For 7 weeks, friends and family haven’t heard from the missing couple, but Charlie’s Facebook page paints a different, weirder picture.

Before the page was recently deleted, cryptic messages were posted and sent from someone operating the site. Their families believe it was hacked by another person.

“That’s not him saying something like that,” Bobbie Newsom, Kala’s mom said back when the posts began. She believes her daughter is in danger, but is hoping for the best. “I love you baby girl. We are worried about you. this is unlike you. If you see this, just call somebody. anybody.”

Anderson Police say they are watching the posts closely but haven’t directly connected them to their disappearance.

“At this time we don’t even know if a crime has been committed. It could just be two missing person’s and they are perfectly safe. We just don’t know,” Chief Jim Stewart said Wednesday. “We’ve gotten a lot of posts on our Facebook page about ‘why aren’t we doing this, why aren’t we doing that?’ I can assure you we are obtaining the information by interview or search warrant or whatever we need to do. We just aren’t going to comment to the public right now.”

Police say the case has gained national attention because of the posts, giving them new leads but believe they still need new tips to come in. They say the case is active and they are closely following every lead they can get.

“We have obtained some leads and gotten some tips through crime stoppers. We still need the public’s help. Good or bad, we need to exhaust every possibility,” Chief Stewart added. “Its very similar to what you see on tv, 48 hours, you see the entire investigation all at one point. That entire investigation is going on right now.”

If you know where Kala Brown or Charlie Carver could be, call Anderson Police or Crimestoppers at 1-888-CRIME-SC

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