2 men, 1 accused of peeping at Walmart wanted in Gaffney

GAFFNEY, S.C. (WSPA) – Police are looking for a peeping tom they say followed a 14-year-old girl into a store bathroom in Gaffney.

The man accused of peeping is in the blue shirt, according to Gaffney Police.

It happened last Thursday night but no one has been arrested yet.

“The whole time she is screaming and hollering,” her father said, after asking to not be identified. “Nobody in the back of the store heard anything.”

The teen’s dad wants everyone to get a good look at the surveillance photos Gaffney Police released of the man leaving the women’s bathroom around 9:45 Thursday night. He tells us the same man is the one who followed his 14-year-old daughter as she went into a stall, while she and her mom were shopping for Halloween at Walmart.

“He climbed up on top of the toilet and peered over top and for some reason she just happened to look up and he is standing there looking at her,” he said. “In the blink of an eye, a situation is already over and done with. We are just thankful it wasn’t worse.”

Suspect vehicle
Suspect vehicle

His daughter told him while the man was looking over the stall; he asked her what she was doing before laughing. That’s when she screamed, tried to call 911 and once she knew the strange man was gone, she ran for help.

“It’s going to take a long time for her to get over this. It could have been worse and that is what has been going through her head the last couple of days,” he said. “She’s having some really hard nights and my wife has had some hard nights because she was the one here to deal with this.”

Now her family says they want everyone to help Gaffney police figure out who this man is, before he strikes again.

“I was furious. Something needs to be done,” the teen’s father explained. “Somebody knows who this guy is and they need to come forward. We need to get this handled as quickly as possible.”

“If he had any other intentions to do any other harm, she could have been out the back of the store in seconds and nobody would have seen anything happen to her,” he said.

They’re warning all parents to be careful while shopping this holiday season. They don’t want something frightening like this to happen to anyone else.

The teen’s father says right now, they’re in the process of reaching out to Walmart’s regional offices to discuss safety measures at the store’s bathroom. They haven’t received a response back just yet.

Man is accused of stealing clothes to disguise his appearance.
Man is accused of stealing clothes to disguise his appearance.

The man in the black shirt is accused of stealing clothing. He is NOT accused of peeping.

Police say both suspects stole clothing from inside the store.

They say the men were in a gray Dodge pickup truck.

If you have seen or know who the man is in the photos, call Gaffney Police at 864-206-3334.

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