North Roster Announced For All-Star Game


North-South All-Star Game

The roster for the North-South All-Star Game was announced Monday and includes 26 area players for the December 10th game in Myrtle Beach.

Note, this year, the game’s rosters could be significantly impacted due to the state playoffs being pushed back by two weeks.

2 Jyston Kendrick Receiver Westside
3 Eli Buckley Receiver Dorman
4 Akyah Miranda Def. Back Belton-Honea Path
5 Ali Shockley Def. Back Northwestern
6 Donovan Anderson Def. Back Boiling Springs
8 Alex Stennett Receiver Nations Ford
9 Cedric Cunningham Running Back North-Central
10 Caliph Brice Def. Back Northwestern
11 Rodgers Anderson Def. Back Ridge View
12 Devin Beckley QB Camden
14 Jay Urich QB Wren
15 Milik Williams Receiver Chester
17 Sterling Agnew Def. Back Abbeville
20 Ant Foster Running Back Lancaster
21 Jaroed Hagood Def. Back Dixie
22 Michael Wiggins Linebacker Saluda
23 Corterious Neely Linebacker South Pointe
24 Ronnie Walls Linebacker Westside
32 Tyshawn Allen Running Back Williston-Elko
36 Orinthius Byrd Def. Back Spartanburg
38 Ladarius Jones Running Back Spartanburg
51 Joe Hartung Off. Lineman Greenwood
52 Rodney Hart Def. Lineman Boiling Springs
53 Ty Lily Off. Lineman Cheraw
54 Amari Houston Def. Lineman Hillcrest
56 Will Bettis Linebacker Greenwood
58 Brady Miller Off. Lineman Crescent
59 Austin Snow Kicker Powdersville
60 Jaheim Boyd Off. Lineman Dorman
62 Hunter Medlin Off. Lineman Laurens
63 Molay Hagood Off. Lineman North Augusta
67 Cameron Moller Off. Lineman Ridge View
68 Carlos Montalvo Kicker Chapman
72 David Gibson Off. Lineman Fairfield Central
76 Miles Turman Def. Lineman Daniel
78 Patrick Wofford Def. Lineman Mauldin
80 Mike Hill Receiver Lewisville
81 JoJo Watson Receiver Camden
82 Alex Syphertt Receiver Greer
84 Saquon Garner Def. Lineman Ninety-Six
88 Jaiven Clayton Linebacker Gaffney
92 Brian Putnam Def. Lineman Christ Church
98 Tre Lawson Def. Lineman North Augusta
99 Ezekiel Stringer Def. Lineman Broome

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