Greenville Co. pushes back against claims on voting machines

The Director of Elections in Greenville County is debunking claims voting machines used in absentee voting are defective.

7 NEWS received several calls from voters over the weekend claiming the machines they used to cast their ballot registered a checkmark next to the candidate they didn’t vote for.

Those voters also claimed it was corrected after a poll workers entered a special pin.

But Conway Belangia says that’s isn’t true. He tells 7 News that none of the machines experienced any mechanical problems and the machines allow voters to change any errors before their votes are confirmed.

“In your review screen, if you see something that is amiss or that is not the way you wanted it, then go back and make the correction,” Belangia said.”

Belangia walked 7 News Reporter Dave Jordan through the voting process using the same voting machine. The touchscreen worked as director.

Belangia said if a machine does malfunction, a poll worker will shut it down, remove it and allow the voter to cast another ballot.  No poll worker can enter a pin to change a vote because the ballot is secret, Belangia said.

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