Help find man after Greenville Co. school bus argument

shemwood-bus-pic-6 GREENVILLE, SC (WSPA) – Students, parents and a Greenville Co. School District bus driver got into an argument on October 11, according to police.

Police say they responded to Shemwood Crossing Apartments.

Several students and parents complained about the bus driver “grabbing” their children and refusing to let them off the bus.

The incident report says the complainants told investigators that the bus driver got angry because one of the boys in the back of the bus was throwing things.

They say the bus driver came back and grabbed a student and brought him to the front of the bus and made him sit behind the driver.

The student’s sister said she got angry and confronted the bus driver about touching her brother. That led to other students yelling.

She told the bus driver she was telling her parents and the driver abruptly stopped, according to the girl.

She says the driver refused to let the kids get off the bus.

The driver grabbed several students trying to get off, according to the report.

The report says parents saw the bus stop suddenly and the driver refusing to let kids off the bus.

One parent said his 5-year-old son was grabbed by the neck.

Parents got angry and demanded that their kids be let off the bus.

One parent said she stood in front of the bus and wouldn’t let it leave, because the driver grabbed her son.

The bus supervisor says the bus driver told her that he only stopped the kids from leaving the bus when he arrived in Shemwood Crossing, because one parent pushed his way onto the bus and took a student.

The supervisor says once the student was taken off the bus by the parent without showing his pick up number corresponding to the kid, the bus driver told the supervisor he was following protocol by not letting any of the other kids exit the bus.

The man who took the kid off the bus is the man they say is in the picture.

The video from inside the bus was pulled by the school district and provided to the Greenville Police Department for investigation.

The Greenville Police Department is trying to identify the man.

shemwood-bus-pic-5Anyone with information is asked to contact the Greenville Police Department at 271-5333 or 23-CRIME.

Police would also like to remind the public that it is not appropriate to board a school bus any time children are on board.

The proper way is to contact the school district officials with a complaint about a bus or a driver.

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