Local program offers free help for addicts

(WSPA)– A drug rehabilitation clinic started in Greenville is having an impact on addicts looking for a better solution to their problems, though their methods are different than most people are familiar with.

FAVOR is a non-profit recovery center that uses a unique approach to individuals and families suffering with substance abuse and disorders, which is not available anywhere else in our area.

FAVOR extends far beyond its headquarters here in Greenville. They meet in 35 locations in the Upstate, just started a new family session in Spartanburg, and will even go to people’s homes who are resistant to coming in.

Today the executive director of FAVOR testified in D.C. about the progress to help grow this model in other communities. The Greenville-based program has made significant enough progress to expand into other Upstate counties.
Additionally, FAVOR is not only a free resource for addicts but their families as well.

Two years ago, Gina Sayegh discovered her son was addicted to the pain killers that he started taking after colon cancer surgery.
Sayegh says, “It was worse than when he had the cancer, the pain I felt knowing I can’t help him.”

She feels that it wasn’t until she found the addiction recovery center FAVOR that she realized why other treatment centers hadn’t worked. In a comparison to previously used programs, Sayegh stated, “All I got was a report card. The family was not included in anything. Here it’s the family included and the family getting better.”

Karen Riley, a recovery coach at FAVOR, says their program is unique in a few ways: “It’s free, unending, and works for addicts who don’t like authority. So, they are in charge of helping us to work with them to work on their own recovery how they see the recovery progressing”.

This approach can be controversial for some, because it may involve an addict dialing back on heroin but still using lesser drugs or medicated assistance.

Andrew Bethea is a client of FAVOR who shares his insight on this method: “They really work on you, but they work on you in a positive manner. It’s not like you say, restrictively governed”.

Their methods and group sessions have become so popular, FAVOR Greenville has helped more 8000 addicts and family members since its inception in 2013.

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