Voters to decide on Sunday alcohol sales in multiple cities

Sunday Alcohol Sales
Sunday Alcohol Sales

GREENVILLE, S.C. (WSPA-TV) – Many Upstate voters will soon get to decide if Sunday alcohol sales should be allowed in their city, with the largest vote deciding the fate for business in unincorporated Greenville County.

After 3 years of fighting for Sunday sales, Palmetto Restaurant and Ale House Owner, David McCraw, is optimistic that his “NFL room” will soon be offering wings and beer to fans for the big Sunday games.

Voters will decide if the unincorporated parts of the county – namely restaurants, bars, nonprofits and stores – should join the 6 municipalities who already sell alcohol on Sundays.

“The businesses here in the unincorporated part are unable to compete head to head with business in the cities that surround us,” McCraw explained.

McCraw says cities like Greenville, Greer, Travelers Rest, Simpsonville and huge game day stops like Clemson experience revenue bumps from the sales. He believes it is costing him a lot.

“It costs about 250 thousand dollars a year in revenue,” said McCraw.

McCraw says this is about business fairness; something he believes affects businesses in Gaffney, Central, Easley and Spartanburg. These cities will also decide on Sunday sales November 8th.

The subject – itself – is a touchy one. Some religious groups across the upstate have spoken out against the sales in the past, fearing it disrespects the Sabbath.

7 News reached out to the Baptist Ministers Fellowship of Greenville and Vicinity, who has opposed the Greenville referendum. They chose not to comment on the issue.

McCraw said they don’t want to show disrespect but in trying to keep up with the changing times, but he said the old arguments just don’t add up.

“The argument that they are not going to drink on Sunday if they vote it down, it’s not true,” he said.

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