When is Trick-or-Treat? Spartanburg has a sweet answer

SPARTANBURG, SC (WSPA) – A lot of you have been asking us when Trick-or-Treat is.

Apparently we aren’t the only one getting these questions.

The City of Spartanburg posted the following to people asking if Trick-or-Treat is on Halloween or some time that weekend.

What night is trick-or-treating this year?
We get this question just about every year (except in years when Oct. 31 falls on either Friday or Saturday). Our stance is that the City does not dictate the night for trick-or-treating. The calendar does. Halloween is always Oct. 31. Trick-or-treating always occurs on Halloween. Therefore, trick-or-treating this year will indeed be on Halloween, even though Halloween happens to fall on a Monday night.
We also think you should open presents on Christmas morning instead of Christmas Eve, have BOTH turkey AND ham on Thanksgiving, and that blue cheese dressing (not ranch) is the appropriate dipping sauce for Super Bowl Sunday hot wings.

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