Why you should avoid Halloween contact lenses

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTHI) – With Halloween just around the corner, it’s time to figure out this year’s costume.

“I was going to be like a ghost girl that they have in scary movies,” Cameron Smith, shopper, said.

“I was going to be some kind of clown or like a joker because it seems scary,” Taryn Smith, shopper, said.

And the Halloween stores are stocked with everything you need to make it happen.

But there’s one accessory you may want to avoid.

The scary, cute, or cat-eye contact lenses.

Without a proper prescription, the contacts could cause serious damage or even blindness.

“They’re not technically designed to be in the eye. They can put any kind of dye on those to get the different colors. It’s non-regulated,” Doctor Charles Rutan said.

Rutan says if you don’t go through all the FDA regulations, it’s illegal to sell the lenses.

The process to get the regulations and prescriptions for each customer is a long one.

And the risk that comes with it is not worth it for some.

“If there was any kind of infection or anything wrong with the contact or anything it would be on us and we didn’t really want to go into all that detail and have that pressure on us,” Store Manager at Dean’s Party Mania, Amber Stephenson said.

But if you think your costume just isn’t complete without the lenses, you should talk to your doctor when ordering them.

If not, you could get more of a scare than you hoped for.

“You know even though they’re kind of you cool it’s not worth the risk of what could happen,” Rutan said.

In Illinois, sales of contact lenses without a valid prescription are considered the unlicensed practice of optometry.

The punishment could bring fines of up to 10 thousand dollars.

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