GA leaders and farmers pray for rain in the middle of drought

LAVONIA, G.A. (WSPA) – Georgia state leaders and farmers are hoping the power of prayer will bring an end to the current drought across the state and parts of Upstate South Carolina.

US Representative Doug Collins and Agriculture Commissioner Gary Black called for farmers to meet them in Lavonia, Georgia Monday morning to pray for the much needed rain.

“This affects all areas of our life and asking for rain, praying for rain is a good thing,” Collins explained.

According to the US Drought Monitor, the drought is extreme in parts of the Upstate and across Georgia. Other parts of Georgia are experiencing and “exceptional” drought, the worst level possible.

“I’ve never seen anything this severe in my life. It is just incredible how dry it is here,” Farmer Thomas Bridges said. “We don’t seem to have any grass in our pastures. Everything is just devastating.”

It’s left many crops brown and dry for farmers in the area. Farmers said Monday that the drought was threatening their hay amounts, cattle and herds.

While farmers and state leaders don’t expect to see the dry spell end any time soon, they are hoping for divine intervention.

“It is what we turn to when definitely we are in a desperate situation like this,” Bridges added.

“Right now its affecting them a great deal,” Collins said. “You’ve just got brown fields and they are having to get their feed and feed costs are going up. This is just a time when it makes it difficult for farmers to make a living.”

To take a look at the US Drought monitor, click HERE.

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