Parking warning blitz for Downtown Greenville Nov. 2

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GREENVILLE, SC (Press Release) – On Wednesday, November 2, the City’s Parking Services staff will issue warning tickets to vehicles parked on Main Street (from Beattie Place to River Street) between 5 a.m. and 7 a.m. Parking is prohibited on Main Street on Wednesdays during that time to give the City’s street sweepers a clear path to remove dirt and debris and keep downtown clean.

The City uses mechanical street sweepers to remove material that collects in the gutters to prevent it from blocking storm drains, and to keep harmful pollutants from entering the storm drain system.

Parked vehicles prevent the equipment from reaching the curb, which reduces their effectiveness.

To address the issue, Parking Services will issue one-time warning tickets to remind drivers of the parking restriction and help them avoid a parking citation in the future. Warnings will only be issued on November 2. Beginning November 9, violators will receive citations.

According to Brittany Moore, Parking Sales & Marketing Manager, each Wednesday, street sweepers are forced to weave around cars parked illegally on Main Street – an unsafe maneuver made even more difficult during “leaf season” (Oct-Dec).

In addition to parked cars, says Moore, they must also dodge people who run or walk through the areas where they are working, which is particularly dangerous due to the large equipment and amount of debris moving through the air.

Typically, the number of illegally parked vehicles increases around 5:30 a.m., as walkers and runners arrive downtown and park near Falls Park.

The City operates three street sweepers and collects 30-45 cubic yards of debris throughout the city on a daily basis.

Crews sweep the Central Business District (CBD) and major traffic areas (including commercial corridors and bridges) on a weekly basis and sweep residential streets with curb and gutter on a rotating basis every other month. During leaf season, they sweep the CBD and major traffic areas twice a week.

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