Voters ready for election to be over

CLEMSON, S.C. (WSPA) – With on week left until the presidential election, many voters say they’re ready to see the race come to an end. 

No matter which way people vote, national studies through the American Psychological Association and Pew show over half of the nation’s voters are stressed out and tired from the election. They believe it’s mostly because of the length of the election and the large amounts of negativity from both candidates.

“With the dooms day scenario that the candidates are playing with the other candidates, it’s no wonder people are exhausted. I study presidential politics for a living and I’m tired of it,” said Jeffrey Peake, a Clemson Political Science Professor.  “Voters aren’t really happy with their choices and I think that magnifies the problem. Another problem is our elections go on way to long.” 

Experts believe the overwhelming negativity from both candidates is magnified by the constant presence of politics on social media and the harsh Trump and Clinton campaign ads.

“When you look at each candidates, the best thing each campaign has going for it is the other candidate and how bad they are,” Peake added. “By going and voting, you’ve taken the stress off yourself in terms of making the vote but you still pull up your feed and watch the news and see the election.”

Peake continued, “We ordinarily run negative campaign ads during presidential elections in the United States but this year it has been worse than normal.”

That’s why the APA is advising those stressed out to avoid talking about the election with family and friends. They say you should also limit how much campaign information you consume until the election is over and the country can move forward.

“I don’t expect either candidate to solve the divide that we have in the country or make Washington work more effectively, whatever they have to say. Unfortunately the problems are deeper than any president can fix,” Peake said.

For more about the APA’s research and advice on lowering stress levels this election go to their website by clicking HERE.

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