Look out for the best deals in November

SPARTANBURG, S.C. (WSPA) – November is by far the best month to snag a deal on big ticket items.

From washing machines to TV’s, this is the time of year for savings.

But, there are also certain things you should wait to buy until next month or even next year.

This is the month that savvy shoppers like Mekayla Allison wait for all year.

“I love it, day after Halloween I’m like, it’s Christmas time, let’s go shopping,” says Allison.

Today, armed with a mobile coupon, she’s getting 10 dollars off on clearance clothing at target. But, she plans to wait a few weeks on most purchase.

Benjamin Glaser from Dealnews says, “Because whatever you’re buying, even if you’re seeing some good prices, it’s most certain to drop further during the holiday kick off.”

Dealnews, which tracks prices, says that’s especially the case with big ticket items like major electronics, large home appliances and TV’s. Allison says last year, “we went around searching for the best deal and it was like a 36 inch for like $150, and it was the good name brand so we were very excited about that deal.”

If you’re gunning for something Apple, Dealnews predicts there will be great prices later this month, but here’s the caveat:  You have to go one generation behind, and don’t buy from the Apple store.

Deals on current generation gaming consoles are very likely around black Friday, Dealnews also says you’ll finally see some affordable prices on 4k TV’s.

Glaser says, “There are a few categories where the sales will be better in December or January even if we do see some discounts in November. That includes gift cards which are just a really popular discounted item in December.”

Toys also tend to hit rock bottom in the second week of December.

“You just gotta hit up the deals while you can,” says Allison.

Allison adds and says to do the research now, so in three weeks you can “swipe” while sales are hot.

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