“Stop the Bleed” initiative can save lives

GREENVILLE, S.C. (WSPA) – The CBS show Code Black is helping to share the message of an initiative called “Stop the Bleed.”

A public service announcement featuring the show’s actors explains how bystanders can help in emergency situations. Click here to watch.

Kinneil Coltman and her family were near their Greenville neighborhood when they saw a motorcycle crash.

“I saw a woman take a turn on her motorcycle, she disappeared behind some bushes and all of a sudden, I just see her flying through the air,” Coltman remembered.

They knew they had to do something. Coltman grabbed her hand to keep her calm while her husband’s cousin took off his shirt and applied pressure on the wound.

“Even if you don’t have any first aid training at all, you know that when you see a lot of blood, you need to stop the bleeding,” she explained.

Making that decision to help can save lives. It takes just minutes for a person to bleed out and that could be before paramedics arrive.

“Uncontrolled bleeding is the leading cause of preventable death in trauma,” said Dr. Scott Sasser, Clinical Professor and Chair of the Department of Emergency Medicine at Greenville Health System. He was on the National Security Council Staff convened work group that helped develop the initiative to “Stop the Bleed.”

To read more about “Stop the Bleed” click here.

After calling 911, the initiative encourages bystanders to apply pressure with hands, apply dressing and press, and if the bleeding doesn’t stop to apply a tourniquet.

Part of the goal is to have bleeding control kits with supplies and tourniquets in more public places.

“If someone had a life-threatening hemorrhage a member of that community pull take that kit down and with little to no training safely apply some techniques to stop the bleeding,” explained Dr. Sasser.



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