Charges dropped against fmr. Lyman Mayor Rodney Turner

Rodney Turner
Rodney Turner

LYMAN, SC (WSPA) – Charges against former Lyman Mayor Rodney Turner have been dropped, according to his lawyer.

The S.C. Governor’s Office suspended Turner after he was charged with misconduct in office and wiretapping.

Turner was arrested in connection with an investigation into the installation of recording devices in town hall and conducting of town business.

Turner was accused of intercepting oral communication of employees working and persons conducting business in and around Lyman Town Hall, according to his lawyer.

His lawyer also says he was accused of misconduct by “engaging in acts and omissions in the form of malfeasance, misfeasance and nonfeasance, in breach of his duties to public of good faith, honesty, and accountability in his role as mayor…”

An indictment alleged that Turner entered into secret negotiations without town council’s knowledge and consent and caused the town to spend more than $200,000 in legal fees.

The S.C. Attorney General’s office dismissed the indictment due to lack of prosecutorial merit and/or evidence, according to Johnston Law Firm.

Turner issued a statement through his lawyer that reads:

“I have lost so much because of the actions taken against me by Town officials and SLED. Certain people tried to ruin my reputation for their own political and personal reasons. While I consider this dismissal of charges to be a complete vindication of my lifetime of public service; there is still damage that can never be repaired.”

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