Here’s some answers to your Election Day FAQ’s

(Joe Hall/Flickr Commons/CC BY 2.0)

GREENVILLE, S.C – In just a few more days, America will get out the vote.

We’ve already seen record turnout for absentee voting across the state, but before you hit the polls, election directors across the Upstate are sending out a message.

“Show up at the right polling places, with the right ID. Expect a little bit of a line. Be PATIENT,” said Greenville County Elections Supervisor, Conway Belangia.

Long lines will likely lead to record breaking turnouts on Election Day, and absentee voting is already shattering records. In Greenville, they’ve seen 30,000 people voting absentee, sometimes standing in line for nearly 2 hours. That number is nearly 9,000 in Anderson County.

So, what can you do to speed up the process this Tuesday?

Belangia says, first, have one of five valid photo ids like your drivers license handy. Next, show up at the right polling place. You can find yours on if you’re not sure.

It also helps to know who’s on the ballot.

“Know what they want to vote when they get to the machine. So, do a little bit of homework,” said Belangia.

Lastly, Belangia said don’t give in to rumors that will keep you home.

“[Rumors] like the idea that you may ask for a paper ballot rather than voting on a voting machine. That’s not true,” he said. “You cannot use a paper ballot just because you want to.”

State law says you must use a voting machine. He said paper is only reserved if they find a problem with your credentials. Also, voting will never roll over to Wednesday, no matter how long the lines are. Just ignore the robo-calls.

“Anybody in line at 7pm will be allowed to exercise their right to vote,” said Belangia.

These are all pieces of advice backed by directors in Anderson and Spartanburg Counties.

Remember, SCVOTES.ORG has your sample ballots, your polling places and a list of proper IDs.

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