Kala Brown worked for suspected kidnapper, say friends

Kala Brown
Kala Brown

Friends of Kala Brown say they are thankful for her rescue and that she is out of harms way, but now they’re concerned as details come out about her time spent captive in a storage container.

“I don’t know what tip lead them to where she is, but It did bring her home,” said Lindsey Mayson.  “She was obviously chained up in a cage and held captive for nearly 70 days.”

Brown and her boyfriend Charlie Carver went missing back in August from their Anderson apartment. 

Mayson and a few friends launched a search party, placing flyers with the couples’ picture all over Anderson. 

The news rattling friends and neighbors, especially those who lived in the same apartment building as Brown.

“I didn’t know if they thought that I knew something and I’d be next,” said neighbor Kathleen Matkovic.  “I was kind of scared for a long time. I couldn’t sleep very well at night.”

Spartanburg County investigators found Brown in a storage container on a 95-acre property in Woodruff Thursday.

She was chained inside the cargo container by her neck and ankle, according to the solicitor.

There was a living space next door to the container that had a bed with chains attached to it.

The land belongs to Todd Kohlepp, a real estate developer. He was arrested in connection with Brown’s disappearance. Mayson said Brown worked for Kohlepp cleaning houses and she met him briefly when she tagged along with Brown on a job.

“We went by his house to get a key before we went by his house to clean. Didn’t seem like a person who would do anything to anybody.  He seemed down to earth.”

Mayson says Brown is still in the hospital, although she doesn’t know the extent of her injuries.


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