Teacher asked students to play strip yoga, take bath, send nude photos, cops say

Curtis Temples

HAINES CITY, Fla. (WFLA) – A former teacher at a Davenport High School is accused of asking female students to play strip yoga with him, take a bath with him and send him nude photos.

Haines City Police Department officers arrested Curtis Temples, 25, on a computer pornography charge. Temples was a teacher at Ridge Community High School in Davenport.

The female students described what happened to detectives.

Investigators say one of the students said Temples told her that she should feel like she could share explicit photos with him. When she declined, the student said that Temples asked if he could pay for photos of her. The student also said that Temples asked her if she would like to play strip yoga with him and take a bath with him. Temples also asked the girl if she wanted to stay after school with him.

Another student said that Temples messaged her on Facebook and asked if she was okay with touching and what she was wearing. When she replied, “work clothes” Temples asked, “What about underneath?….you aren’t wearing a bra and panties?”

The Facebook conversation continued. According to an arrest affidavit, the student showed detectives what Temples wrote to her on Facebook, which included the following-

“You could go nude tanning with your teammates….I’ll be hacking a satellite for that.”

“I’ll keep it pinned on you though I’ve seen all I want and don’t want of your teammates.”

“We can throw a sexy party for you if you like.”

“I wanna see what you’re like when you’re really horned up LOL.”

Another student told detectives that Temples made passes at her on several occasions while talking to her on Facebook and the KiK app. She said Temples suggested that she flash someone to get a better price on a car.

Police arrested Temples at Ridge Community High School. During an interview with detectives, Temples allegedly admitted to soliciting nude photos from two female students. He told officers he did it because of his “male urges.” Temples said he only wanted to see their breasts and told officers that he was a “breast man” and preferred a female’s breast over her other female sexual features.

Temples was charged with violation of prohibited computer usage for the solicitation and promotion of sexual conduct by a minor.

Police say the crimes were reported to them in April, they conducted their investigation and then sent reports to the State Attorney’s Office in May. The State Attorney’s Office just filed the charges.

A spokesperson for the Polk County School District said that Temples resigned on April 11, in lieu of termination.

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